Commercial Painting

Wood’s Painting:
Your First Choice for Commercial Painting

Get the right commercial painting team for your project. We are experienced commercial painters with 20+ years experience in the industry in Perth. As a result, we offer the best prospect for your industrial painting job. Furthermore we complete any project on time and on budget. Therefore we are the first choice for many organisations seeking affordable commercial painting in Perth.
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We are Commercial Painters

You deserve the best industrial painting team in Perth to take care of your commercial, processing or manufacturing facility.
We deliver affordable commercial and industrial painting services in Perth. Likewise in the remote areas by special arrangement.

Commercial Painting

commercial paintingOur painters bring you the best project experience in commercial, retail and new build factory painting projects.

Industrial Painting

industrial paintingWe are the best trained, well equipped & most experienced tradesman, regardless of the scale of the work or urgency.

Remote Area Painters

remote area paintingOur experienced personnel are backed with outstanding logistical system. We get the right team on the job, always.

Government Projects

paintingWe bring proven track record for workplace health and safety, and committed to  your objectives and the stringent processes.
"Wood’s Painting have always delivered a fantastic service and finish. So that, they have been my contractor of choice for a number of diverse development projects"
Scott Kavanagh
Vision West, Fremantle

Specific Commercial and Industrial Painting Services

sand blasting

Abrasive Sandblasting

We use Abrasive Wet Sandblasting for removal of heavy duty unwanted coating. It uses less water and aggregate than the old style blasting.

fire protection

Fire Protection Coatings

Use these specialised materials to protect your property and meet the regulations. Hence, you will benefit from saving time and money, and inconvenience saving applications.

safety signs

Safety Demarcation

Commercial properties often require signage and colour coded demarcation. This is to meet safety regulations. Also used to identify fire extinguishers, walkways and hazardous areas.


Remote Painters WA

DO you have a large-scale development, redevelopment or restoration job that you are undertaking in a remote or rural area? If yes, you will need professional commercial painters with a sound track record for premium service delivery. That’s Us.

thermal barrier

Thermal Barrier Coatings

Thermal Barrier Coatings provide insulation to key areas of operation, where the use of bats, wraps or foils may be limited or impractical.

high access

High Access Work

Wherever your project may be we will get there and do it safely. High or hard to reach rooftops are not a problem. Woods Painting certainly have the skills, equipment and the logistical know how for high access work.


Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy Floor Coatings are popular in commercial and industrial applications. Likewise for any area that need a super hard wearing protective and decorative coating.


Specialist Safety (including asbestos)

In a domestic or commercial setting your industrial painting team need to be respectful and considerate. In an industrial setting it can mean the difference between life and death. Above all our industrial team have extensive experience offering Asbestos Painting for industrial facilities.