Abrasive Wet Sandblasting

Less Water, Less Medium, Less Waste.
Low impact.
Less concerns associated.
Only need 1/4 the amount of operating area vs dry sandblasting.

What is Abrasive Wet Sandblasting?

Abrasive Wet Sandblasting portable unit is a specialised piece of industrial equipment. It can easily remove unwanted coverage, such as paint, enamel, steel, silicon or plastic coating, from walls, floors or other surface areas. An Abrasive Wet Sandblasting unit has adjustable settings to fit the surface and the medium. It can be used in cleaning to remove dust or grease. Also in specialist decontamination to remove asbestos, radioactive or poisonous products. It can be used on brick, steel, aluminium, cement or asphalt. AWB is as fast as conventional dry or sand blasting. But it is more effective and has less impact on the surface. The safety exclusion zone for AWB operation is ¼ of that required for sand blasting. It protect surfaces from the stripping process by the lubricating cushion or laminating effect of the water.

Abrasive Wet Sandblasting with Extra Care

For extra lamination, we also can use soap in conjunction with the water. This prevents excess damage to the blasted surface. Otherwise it can become impregnated with particles from the coating being removed, or from previous blasting operations. Comparing to dry blasting, wet blasting achieves a cleaner surface finish. Furthermore gives a better result to subsequent cleaning and bonding operations.

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