Fire Protection Coatings

Fire Protection Coatings

Fire Protection Coatings adds protection from fire and extreme heat, to your property, personnel and equipment.
It also required for meeting the safety regulations.

Epoxy Intumescent Coating

We use the fire retardant paints that best suit your residential, commercial or industrial needs. We also offer a variety of fire resistant products, including Epoxy Intumescent Coatings (EIC).

Epoxy Intumescent Coatings Effect

Many of industrial clients need fire protection coatings for areas, where extreme heat or naked flame is used as part of their operational process. EIC can make up a very effective part of your passive fire protection plan. On exposure to flame or excess heat, the intumescence coating froths and expands into a foam substance. Consequently the foam provides an insulating effect, around the structure it is protecting, while the fire extinguishing processes have time to kick in.

Our Expertise

We have expertise in fire retardant and intumescent coating products and application. In addition our team is expert in spraying techniques of these coatings. Therefore we can advise on aspects of occupational health and safety.
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