Specialist Safety (including Asbestos)

Our industrial painting teams (Painters Perth) are trained and experienced in asbestos painting. We offer painting services in hazardous environments throughout Perth. Operational sensitivity is always important, in terms of scheduling and code of conduct.

Asbestos Painting

Having extensive relevant experience, the Woods Painting team offering Asbestos Painting in industrial facilities where strict code of conduct is necessary to ensure safety. The safety of your workers and ours is paramount and for employers and contractors liability is a big concern.
You can depend on Woods to ensure your industrial painting team have all the requisite insurance, training and supervision.

Safe Work Procedure

Our team regularly use equipment for site preparation. Equipment include disc and belt sanders, power drills, high pressure water cleaners, sand blasting, abrasive wet blasting, scrapers and knives. For industrial painting we use portable air compressors, spray painting equipment, high fume emitting paints and specialist coatings, such as epoxy and intumescent. Safety is a daily consideration and an integral part of our working procedure.

Observing Safe Work Protocols

Where possible, we avoid equipment hazards through engineering controls or safe work protocol. Otherwise we ensure quality training, sound supervision and attention to PPE (personal protective equipment). We provide our industrial painters in Perth with the requisite safety glasses, goggles, earplugs or earmuffs, protective gloves, and overalls. We insist on safety shoes or reinforced boots. In cases of highly hazardous chemicals or materials (such as asbestos) disposable coveralls and gloves are necessary, a P1 or P2 respirator, goggles and disposal gloves.
We have a maintenance program to make sure equipment is inspected regularly, and withdrawn from use if it could be unsafe.

Safety Oriented Team

All Woodspainting Painters receive work safety orientation. Team members are aware of the dangers of working with hazardous substances such as solvents, wood dust and paints containing lead. We only use hazardous substances according to the manufacturer’s written instructions provided on the material safety data sheet (MSDS). We ensure the MSDS is readily available at every special safety location. Bonded materials containing asbestos need very rigorous protocol to ensure asbestos fibres do not become airborne, through surface disturbance. Woods Painting, Perth based clients Matilda Bay Brewery facility renovation and upgrade.