Thermal Barrier Coatings

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A New Look for Industry

Innovations in synthetic coatings now offer industrial producers significant opportunities to save on heating and cooling costs, through insulation and solar reflection.

Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBC) creates thermal insulation for the key areas of operation.

Many commercial and industrial assets, warehouses, storage tanks, transfer pipes and tanks, are unsuitably engineered, or located, to enable the addition of wraps or foils. This is where Thermal Barrier Coatings excel.

Thermal Barrier Coatings Technology

Applying Thermal Coating
Thermal Barrier Coating is a composite ceramic and silica-based insulating coating with highly reflective particles to reduce solar loading.
The application process is fast. It needs as little as 1 hour between coats, depending on the temperature. With dryfall at less than 3 feet, overspray isn’t an issue, and the coating can generally be applied with no masking required.
The introduction of the carbon tax, a public perception that industry should do more to reduce it’s environmental foot print. The inexpensive application of Thermal Barrier Coatings means there has never been a better time to invest in insulation.
Red Thermal Roof
Highly reflective particles that help block and retard the sun
Insulated Pipework
Application is possible in areas previously very difficult to work in

Ask Nobel Prize Winner, Steven Chu

Steven Chu

Chu spoke about the idea at a London conference, while Congress was busy hashing out a complex, 1,400-page bill to cut greenhouse gases. Whitening the world’s roofs and roads would have the same effect on global warming as removing all the world’s cars for 11 years, he said. Chu has also advocated making the roofs of buildings and tops of roads around the world, white or other light colors. This could possibly reflect a lot of sunlight back into space and significantly mitigate global warming.

Samuel Thernstrom

Samuel Thernstrom, a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and co-director of the AEI Geoengineering Project, expressed support and remarked “Chu has done the nation a service” since “the idea has an important role to play in the climate debate.

Applied as a low VOC spray over 3 coats, Thermal Barrier Coating offers

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