Different Types of Paint

Types of paint:

  1. Oil Paint: When used on metal, walls, doors, windows and stained surfaces it makes them more durable.  Recommended for trim work, best in non-humid areas as it takes more than 24 hours to dry. It is easy to clean and apply.
  2. Emulsion Paint: Other paints fade in the sun but acrylic emulsions are resistant. Also this type of paint is resistant to mould. Emulsion paints are more non-toxic than other paints, offers different finishes like sating, glossy and matt, easy to clean mess from the wall like if your kid draws on it. Lastly emulsions have a lot of different types that vary from weather-protection to luxury looks.
  3. Enamel Paint: On the more expensive range for paint but is highly durable, strong adhesion, water and stain resistant and provides a glossy finish. Best choice for humid and wet spaces and very popular for woodwork, metal work and window work. Offers, hardness, colour retention and good coverage. This type is long-lasting choice.
  4. Bituminous Paint: Is mainly known as an industrial paint as it is good for pipe work. Provides protective, water-proof, chemical and corrosion-resistant layer, ideal for metal work, wood work, pipe work and underwater structures. Helps provide rust resistance for metal application.
  5. Aluminium Paint: Benefits are that it is resistant to electricity, weather, corrosion and is waterproof. Aluminium paints give a silvery finish, are strong and durable. Used for hot water tanks, hot pipes, oil storage and more. Used on both metal and wood works, popular as it is resistant to electricity and corrosion.