Perth Painters Services

Paint Brush

Paint Preparation


Floor Painting

spray painting

Roof Spray Painting

Suitable for Colourbond and tiled roofs. The correct application of a quality UV resistant coating will provide durability and a great new look.

texture painting

Texture Coatings

Texture coatings can consist of anti-fungicides, ultra-violet inhibitors & marble aggregates used as texture ingredients.

sand blasting

Abrasive Wet Sandblasting

New technology for Perth painters. Abrasive wet sandblasting is suitable for heavy duty unwanted coating removal. It uses less water and aggregate than old style blasting.

high pressure

High Pressure Water Blasting

A common treatment we use to clean down surfaces prior to painting. We can also provide this service to clean your property. Great for driveways, paths, roofs and many others.


Specialist Safety (including asbestos)

Our teams are trained and experienced in working in hazardous environments.

thermal barrier

Thermal Barrier Coatings

Thermal Barrier Coatings provide insulation to key areas of operation, where the use of bats, wraps or foils are limited.

Painting Workers

Professional Painting

Preparation for Painting

Paint Removal

fence painting

Fence Spray Painting

Choose almost any colour and improve the look of your property with a smartly painted fence. Suitable for Colorbond sheeting, Corrugated fibre cement, Pine lap, etc.


Anti Graffiti Coatings

Sacrificial and non sacrificial coatings to protect from a growing problem in Perth.

safety signs

Safety Demarcation

Commercial properties often require signage and colour coded demarcation. This is to meet safety regulations. Used to identify fire extinguishers , walkways and hazardous areas.


Epoxy Floor Coatings

Popular in commercial and industrial applications. Also for any other area that requires a super hard wearing protective and decorative coating.

fire protection

Fire Protection Coatings

Protect your property and meet current regulations with the use of these specialised materials. You will benefit from time, money and inconvenience saving applications.

high access

High Access Work

Wherever your project may be we will get there and do it safely.