High Pressure Water Blasting

Man high pressure blasting a floorHigh Pressure Water Blasting is a common treatment we use to clean down surfaces prior to painting. We can also provide this service to clean up areas of your property that are not painted. Hence, the overall look of your renovation is uniformly fantastic. It’s great for driveways, paths, roofs and many other residential, commercial or industrial renovation purposes.

We use a range of water blasting solutions, for site and surface preparation. Even if a dirty surface within the site undergoing renovation is not going to be painted or coated, still consider this treatment. It will improve the overall finish of the renovation and makes logical sense.

High pressure water blasting is a great way to improve the look of a building. For metal, brick, cement or wood surfaces, the process can help to slow down degradation caused by contaminants (organic or chemical).

High pressure water blasting is highly effective. It is an environmentally friendly way to remove surface contamination. Also if necessary, cleaning agents and abrasive particles such as sand can be added to the process to increase efficiency, or to deal with faster old coating or paint removal.

For touch jobs such as paint and rust removal visit our Abrasive Wet Sand Blasting page

Consult with Woods Painting, the “water blasting” experts for the best solution for you and you project.

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