Roof Spray Painting

Roof spray painting technique is suitable for both Colourbond and tiled roofs. The technique offers a time efficient way of delivering the correct application of a quality uv resistant coating that will provide durability and a great new look to your home in Perth.

You’ll be amazed at the effect that a freshly painted roof will give your home, business or facility. It’s really worth considering if you are putting your house on the market. Remember first impressions count, and when we look at a building with a pitched roof, that roof can account for about a third of the overall picture.

Woods have roof spray painting professionals in Perth who are highly skilled and proficient at roof spray painting techniques, and can easily tackle challenges such as differing roof levels, skylights, vents and solar panels. We’ll get the job done quickly and to satisfaction. We can recommend the best paint product for your location and needs. If you want to invest in some durability, we can opt for some specialist crack sealing or UV characteristics.

Commercial/Industrial Roof Spray Painting

Commercial enterprises often use their roof space to promote their business activity or brand name. Our Perth painting team can do this for you.
Woods deal with large-scale industrial paint projects all the time. Large roofing surfaces, with specific industrial considerations are not a problem for us.

Heat Reduction Effect

The application of roof spray painting that we are most excited about is the highly effective heat reducing strategy of roof painting in a lighter colour. White or light coloured roofs reflect the sun and reduce the thermal heat of your roof surface and therefore, the building below. This helps keep your home or facility cool, and reduces the cost and environmental impact of air conditioning. This is great news for homeowners, business owners and industrialist alike. If you’re looking for a quality roof spray painting team in Perth, chat to Woods Painting today.