Texture Coatings

Texture Coatings coverage is a great way to add a rendered look and durability to brick, cement, concrete or timber. It is suitable for interior or exterior surfaces, walls and ceilings.

There are a range of texture coatings that give a variety of long lasting colours and textured effects, from orange peel to stippled cream. The finish looks fantastic. It is also highly resistant to dirt and other stress factors. This solution is great for high traffic areas like hotels, restaurants, offices and shops.
Texture Painting
Coatings can consist of anti-fungicides and ultra-violet inhibitors. So that it can protect your surfaces from degrading environmental factors such as mould and sun. Texture coatings are usually ready-mixed, providing onsite simplicity. Some need to trowel application, but some simply roll on. We offer consultation and advise on which color, product, or combination of products, best suits your project.