The Price Range of Paint

The price range of paint varies vastly based on the paint you are using and how big the project is. Also other variants include the use of unusual colours and using several colours, having to remove substances before painting and if there is a specific condition of the wall like if the wall gets humid.
If you are basically painting normal interior walls of a house then it would cost less. Especially if all you are giving it, is two coats and no preparation. It can cost anywhere from $15-$40 per square metre, depending on how much work is needed to be put into the job.
It is still best to get a quote from us as your house might have some features that make it hard to paint safely for a non-painter. Wood’s painting has licensed painters, so that we get discounts when buying paint. This means that you will pay less for the cost of paint. After all we get the job done with no hassle.
We don’t give quotes just based off the coverage. To provide a quote, we have to take few other factors into account, including:

  • Height of the walls.
  • The amount of time needed for prep.
  • The colours you want.
  • The type of paint needed for the walls.
  • If primer and undercoat is needed.
  • How many coats are needed, and
  • If we need to cover floors and furniture from any flying drops.