Epoxy Floor Painting

Epoxy Floor Painting Perth

Epoxy floor coatings or painting is popular in industrial and commercial painting projects. Also being used in any area that may need hard protective wearing and decorative looks.

Seamless epoxy flooring is highly hygienic and contaminant resistant which makes it a good solution for many industrial facilities. It is also very hardwearing and abrasion-proof. This makes it a very practical flooring option that can give a durably attractive finish; great for commercial uses, such as showrooms and shops.

Epoxy floor painting are becoming increasingly popular in Perth for residential use. A large range of colours and designs are available. This kind of flooring is really coming into its own, providing an intriguing way of taking natural assets such as sand, stones or wood and working them, in a sympathetic way, into the medium.

Most epoxy resins are petroleum derived, but some plant-derived sources are now available, making it a more environmentally favourable option.

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epoxy floor painting